Geophysics State of Bahia

Geological Studies
and Mineral Exploration


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Aiming to promote the mineral exploration opportunities in the State of Bahia and to disseminate the knowledge about the its geophysical survey, Companhia Baiana de Pesquisa Mineral (CBPM), a company owned by the State of Bahia’s Department of Economic Development, is releasing for download, the whole data about the book Geophysics State of Bahia – Geological Studies and Mineral Exploration. This is the most recent issue of Special Editions Series, which is in progress since 2006. This book published in December 2017, represents an important reference for those interested about the geophysical researches in the territory of the State of Bahia.

This book addresses the theoretical, experimental and applied activities about the evolution and current stage about geophysical Knowledge in the State of Bahia, generated in the last five decades. The authors, Raymundo Wilson Santos, MSc in Mineral Exploration Geophysics and Edson Emanoel Startery Sampaio, a Geoscience Titular Professor of Federal University of Bahia, reference the book.

This work also brings a catalog with the airborne geophysical surveys, where it is possible to access the areas recognized as potentially bearing ore, oil and gas.

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